Meta Extracter by Laxman Nepal

Meta Tag Extractor

A website data scraper tool is a meta tag extractor. It enables you to retrieve information from a website's meta tags. Site title, page description, keywords, and other information can be included in meta tag data. Meta tag data is information that appears in a website's meta tags, a meta tag extractor is a tool that allows you to obtain all of the meta tags for a certain page, such as the meta title, meta description, meta keywords, meta robots, meta human, and so on, this assists you in improving your web pages and building links.
A meta tag extractor is a piece of software that can extract meta data from a website and save it in a separate file. This file can be uploaded to website owners or webmasters in order to retrieve data from their websites. Meta data is used by Search Engines to rank websites and provides vital information such as a website's name, description, page rank, and so on, meta tag extractor automatically pulls meta tag data from web pages and allows you to see, change, and export the information. The Extension saves you time by letting you to see the same outcomes as a person but in a fraction of the time.
One of the most powerful features of the Google algorithm is the ability to understand the context of a web page. This context is referred to as “Metadata”. For example, the title of a web page is metadata. The title is the content of your page that is largely ignored by the Google algorithm, however, it is extremely important for a page to have a title in order for the page to be found in the search results.

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